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Rose Quartz Heart

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Note: The colour ingrained of natural stones can vary.

Rose Quartz Heart - 65mm width, 114g

A rose quartz heart represents unconditional love, beauty and friendship. It is one of the most used crystals for heart chakra healing because it allows you to open your heart to love of all kinds—familial love, self-love, romantic love and friendships. Rose quartz hearts hold a high-vibrational energy of unconditional love. They act as a reminder that you are surrounded by love. 

One of the most loving ways to use a rose quartz heart is to set an intention for someone else. Hold it in your hands or against your heart and set your intention for them. It may be something like, “Let the energy of this stone radiate my love for them at all times.” Then, you can give the rose quartz heart to that person so they can feel the energy you’ve put into it with them. 

The heart shape symbolizes the divine feminine energy, making it especially powerful for showering women with the love they need. It provides women with a all encompassing, loving energy that boosts their self-love and connection to those around them. A rose quartz heart is a powerful emitter of love and ideal to use yourself or for someone else.  

Sourced from Madagascar. 

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