White Sage Smudge Stick


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The smoke from burning the sacred sage herb is used to free an environment or person of unwanted energies.

Organically grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, our white sage smudge sticks shift energies with a beautiful and earthy scent. Clearing White Sage will leave your environment refreshed and renewed.

How to use:

To use your smudge stick, hold by the end of the bundle at the wrapped end.

Using a candle, gently light the bundle until a small flame occurs. Once steadily lit, blow out the flame leaving the center smouldering and throwing off smoke.

When using the smudge stick, take care to keep an ash receptacle beneath the stick. You can use a feather to fan the smoke into and around areas of your home or office you wish to smudge. When smudging is complete, simply snuff out the stick either into sand or a heatproof bowl and store for the next use.

Size: 10 - 12cm 

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